Nicole Rock's School of Dance

Nicole Rock's School of Dance

Technique and Strengthening Summer Camp

*Students will work on improving technique, turn out, flexibility, turns & leaps as well as strengthening


323 Cedar Street-Tipton

June 11th-August 13th  (no class July 2)

Tuesday's 9-9:30am ages 6-9years $50  (after May 24 $60)

Tuesday's 9:30-10:30am 10+years $100 (after May 24 $110)



314 N Calhoun Street-West Liberty

June 13th-August 15th (no class July 4)

Thursday's 9-10am ages 8+years $100 (after May 24 $110)


*We will give $15 off your total to a student who registers for both locations!



West Branch location: Town Hall July 29th&30th

5-5:30pm tumbling 1/2 $10 per child

5:30-6pm Cheer $10 per child

6:00-6:45pm DANCE CAMP $12 per child


West Liberty Location   June 19th & 20th

5-5:30pm tumbling 1 $10 per child

5:30-6:15pm tumbling 2/ advanced $12 per child

6:15-6:45pm cheer $10

6:45-7:15pm baton $10

Tipton Location July 23rd& 24th

5:45-6:15pm tumbling 1 $10 per child

6:15-6:45pm tumbling 2 $10 per child

6:45-7:30pm Advanced tumbling $12 per child


Tumbling 1: beginner level ages 3-7yrs

Tumbling 2: ages 5-10yrs must have mastered cartwheel

Advanced tumbling: ages 8-17yrs must be able to do backbend and limber

baton: ages 6-12yrs learn baton tricks and tosses and work with streamers

Cheer: 4-12yrs learn a cheer, jumps and simple stunts

Dance Camp: 4-12yrs have fun with dance try ballet, hip hop and jazz

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